Want to learn how to play the game Crazy Time?

This article will discuss a variety of Crazy Time Tracker strategies. On a winning streak, we will show you how to maximize your winnings while minimizing your losses.

Analyzing the payout table, odds, and probability, you will learn how to play Crazy Time and the optimal betting strategy.

What Is the Game of Insane Time?

Evolution designed the live casino game show "Crazy Time" in the Dream Catcher segments, which features a 54-slot money wheel. There are four unique bonus rounds: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, and Coin Flip. Cash prizes on the wheel range from 1x to 10x.

Unquestionably, Crazy Time lived up to the hype. This unique combination of five different games has never been seen before.

It resembles an enhanced Monopoly Dream Catcher. It is the "most popular live internet game show," with over 10 million concurrent players.

A presenter spins the wheel and participates in bonus rounds while describing the mechanics of the game and enhancing the entertainment value of the Crazy Time Game.

This game has a high return on investment (ROI), and employing expert strategies can improve your chances of winning!

Method for wagering on Crazy Time Games

Crazy Time Game is a multi-stage, action-packed game.

Most players pursue bonus rounds because they offer the highest payouts, but any effective Crazy Time strategy will focus on the "number of bets."

The most common winning combinations on the roulette wheel are the "numbers." They are more appealing because winning combinations can be lucrative if multipliers are drawn from the top slot.

Coin Flip and Pachinko offer the lowest payouts, followed by Cash Hunt and Crazy Time.

Due to Crazy Time Game's high volatility, it cannot be used as a quick fix. Due to the frantic pace of the activity, you should prepare in advance to avoid getting lost and possibly losing all of your money.

However, if you play the game correctly, you can profit quickly by capitalizing on volatility and making the best picks possible.

How should one best play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a challenging game requiring an excellent betting strategy, making it more difficult to learn how to win there.

The most effective strategy for playing Crazy Time is to take the game seriously, be aware of the odds and probabilities, and reject the notion that a specific outcome has been "won."

In Crazy Time, you will win more frequently if you wager on the most likely outcome or cover a substantial portion of the wheel.

If you bet on each bonus round, for instance, you will cover nine of the fifty-four segments, or once every six spins, for a success rate of 16.67%.

I've discovered that the best results are obtained by combining small win wagers with bonus round chances.

It Is Time to Gamble

Select the wagers you wish to make before the start of the round.

You may wager on a subset of the betting grid positions. There are two "Bet All" buttons on the interface for the game.

On the roulette wheel, there are two buttons: one for the number segments and one for the bonus segments. After 15 seconds of betting time, crazy Time commences.

The Top Slot Game Spin

After the wagering period, the host begins spinning the main Crazy Time wheel. At this precise moment, the Top Slot's spin begins.

The two halves of the slot machine's success line must be horizontally aligned for the Top Spin game result to be valid and for Multipliers to carry over to the main game.

If so, the chosen multiplier is activated for the spin of the main wheel.

The multipliers in Top Slot range from 25x to 50x: 25x, 20x, 15x, 7x, 5x, 4x, 3x, and 2x.

Parts and the crazy wheel

Every 54 spots on a money wheel have either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a symbol for a bonus game.

There are four Coin Flip segments. Two are Cash Hunt, two are Pachinko, and one is Crazy Time.

On average, there is a bonus round every sixth spin, but you should refrain from betting on this happening.

When Betting Time is over, the host spins the wheel to start the Top Slot spin. Every turn begins in the opposite direction of the last one.

When the wheel comes to a stop, one of two things could happen.

  • Those who bet on that number will win if the wheel stops on it. If a Top Slot multiplier is turned on for that number, the payout goes up by the amount of the Crazy Time Game Top Slot. When the game is over, the betting starts up again.
  • The bonus round starts when the wheel stops on one of the bonus round spots. Players can only get into the bonus round if they have bets going on. The bonus round will be watched by everyone else.

The Bonus Game of Flipping Coins

The Coin Flip Bonus is triggered when the wheel stops on one of the bonus spots. Those who have bet on the Crazy Time Game segment are allowed to take part. Other players can see what is going on in real Time.

The Coin Flip bonus round is likely to come up the most often because it takes up four of the wheel's segments.

If you win the coin toss, you will get a reward.

At the start of the game, the Crazy Time Red and Crazy Time Blue sides of the coin each get a random multiplier. The best-case scenario is that both are good, but one is usually better when I play.

The show host then puts the coin into the Flip-o-mechanism. Matic's The color of the winning side of the coin, which is the side facing up, determines the player's multiplier.

This maximum coin flip multiplier is 100x, but when combined with the maximum Crazy Time Game Slot multiplier of 50x that carries over into the Coin Flip Bonus Feature round, the maximum theoretical payout is 5000x.

If the multipliers need to be higher, a Rescue Flip may happen. After the first flip, there is a rescue flip. People want the host of Crazy Time to do a second flip that doesn't involve putting up a new bet.

How to play the bonus game Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game has two pieces from the Crazy Time Game wheel.

The Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with 108 random multipliers that move across the screen. You don't know where these are because they are all mixed up and covered with Crazy Time symbols.

You aim to look through the random symbols on the screen for the character with the most significant multiplier.

Aim with your mouse or finger before you fire a cannon at the icon you want to choose.

If you don't choose a goal before the Time runs out, Crazy Time will do it for you.

As the symbols go away, your multiplier prize becomes clear.

The exciting part is that each player will get a different result depending on their chosen symbol. The most money you can win from Cash Hunt is 100x.

Theoretically, the maximum payout is 5000x when the maximum Slot multiplier of 50x carries over into the Cash Hunt Bonus Feature.

Pachinko Bonus Round

The Pachinko Bonus feature has 16 drop zones at the top of the large pegged Pachinko wall and 16 reward multiplier zones at the bottom. The goal is for the "Puck" to move down to the prize zone while hitting pegs along the way and, ideally, landing in one of Crazy Time's higher Multiplier Zones.

Before the Bonus Round begins, multipliers or the phrase "Double" are placed in each award landing zone.

The speaker climbs the steps behind the board and shoots the puck from a random drop zone into the Pachinko wall.

In Crazy Time Game, the puck rolls down the wall, changing its path as it bounces off tiny pegs until it hits one of the prizes.

If the puck enters a prize zone with the word "Double," the value of the multipliers in the other zones is doubled.

The announcer picks up the puck again and drops it from a zone chosen at random. During this operation, it is possible to obtain a maximum multiplier of 10,000x, or the puck may land in a prize zone with a Crazy Time Game multiplier.

The game round ends when the puck enters one of the prize zones with a multiplier.

A rescue drop may occur when the puck enters a zone with a reward multiplier of 2x to 4x. The presenter will shoot the puck into the Pachinko wall when this happens. The game round ends when it reaches a prize zone with a multiplier.

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